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Boys Without Girlfriends

Boys without girl friends in NSU Introduction: As a coeducation institution boys and girls study together in North South University, they come in contact with many strangers on the sidewalks, steps, classrooms, and library. At first these individuals constituted a confusing blur of people they didn’t know. In a relatively short period, however, as they walked down on the campus or sat in the classrooms, some faces began to stand out simply because they passed by or sat beside a few individuals more than once. These casual and unplanned contacts soon led to mutual recognition.Those boys and girls may not have known who these individuals were, but they came to recognize their faces. As a result both of them were more likely to say â€Å"Hi† the next time they saw one another and perhaps exchanged a word or two about random topics such as the upcoming exam, or some event on campus. Thus they become familiar to each other and this familiarity leads to liking. This happens w hen there is too much exposure between boys and girls and they become friends each other. As a result, repeated exposure ordinarily results in increasingly positive feelings and friendly relations. They become friends and come closer to each other.It helps them to find the right person they are looking for, and they expect more company from their likeable persons to know each other very well. Most of the students are aged between 20 and 25, as young people they normally have more attraction towards the opposite sex, they may fall in love with their male or female classmates. Young boys have this kind of feelings or attraction to girls. When any young boy finds the qualities in a young girl that he is looking for, he may fall in love with that girl. The young male students of NSU have this kind of feelings and they may look for the right girl in NSU.But all boys may not have female friends in NSU for several reasons and the research paper will be focused on mainly the condition of th ose boys without female friends and how they handle the situation. [pic] The boys without girlfriends in NSU Most of the boys are without girl friends in NSU, there may be some reasons behind it. At present love is a great issue in any young person’s life; every boy wants to have a girl friend to get company. It is also a psychological need of any young boy, they need love, and affection, and caring and mental support from someone special and it is usually his female friend.When any boy doesn’t have girl friend, he may feel the need of company and the lacking of his psychological needs. It may be a typical condition for those boys who seriously want the mental support and love from a girl whom they are looking for. The other boys don’t have this kind of problem if they find themselves perfect without girl friends. The possible reasons for having no girl friends, the condition without girl friends and feelings of those boys are mainly discussed on the basis of qu estionnaire For the research I did my survey on 50 boys who did not have any girlfriend in NSU.I prepared the research paper analyzing their replies and showed the answers through graphs. [pic] The reasons for not having girlfriend The first question was to identify the reason why the boys don’t have girl friend. Boys may have different reasons for having no girlfriend; the reasons may be financial problems, study pressure and others. The options were mainly given based on the realistic situations of the boys in NSU. The first option was -study pressure; all students need to work hard, study regularly in NSU. They always remain busy with their studies and do not have enough free time.The next option was shortage of money. Money is a big issue in today’s competitive world and it is considered one of the most important facts in any relationship. It is not exceptional for the boys in NSU and they don’t want to spend too much money beyond their limitations. The thir d option was lack of time. The students always remain busy with their studies, classes, project and part time jobs. Some students might not have so much time to spend in vain. They are always in rush to finish their works on time. The last option was for those boys who did not want to have affair with girls during their study.But it was rare. The result of the options will be found from the following graph. [pic] If we look at the graph, 15%students said they did not have female friends for study pressure, 20% showed the reason of shortage of money and the rest 15% did not have enough time to continue affair, their lake of time was the reason for not having girlfriend. [pic] The idea about love Love is a central issue in most people’s lives and some times people may not know the right meaning about love. Their perspective may be different and every one can think about love in different way.The second question was asked that the boys had clear idea about love to make relations hip with any girl. [pic] From the graph, the opinions of the question will be clear. It was found that 20% said they had clear idea about love, 10% said that they did not have so much knowledge about love to make affair with any girl. The rest of the 20% gave opinion that it was not necessary to have clear idea about love, because everyone might have different feelings and thoughts to get involved in affair. [pic] Effect of money The importance of money in love was mentioned in the first question.Money has magical effect to start and continue an affair. There is a popular modern proverb â€Å" The thicker the money bag of boys, the deeper the love is of the girls†. So money has major impact on affair. Most of the boys in NSU strongly supported that proverb, as they do not have enough sources to earn money and to spend the money for their girlfriends. Money is mainly important for boys to treat, give precious gifts to their girlfriends. It is one of the strategies to impress g irl and to maintain social status. It is seen that boys always spend money when they have affair with a girl.At present this traditional way to impress girl has not been changed, in the survey it was found 40% boys strongly agreed with the impact of money on affair. Most of the students believed that it was not affordable for them to treat a girl in some prestigious and expensive restaurant or first food shop. They also gave opinion that they paid a lot of money for their education, so they were not supposed to pay extra money for maintaining femalefreind. If anyone had a girlfriend, he managed money in different ways. Only 5% believed that money did not have any effect on affair.The rest 5% answered money might have effect on affair occasionally not for always. So economical issue is considered as one of the important fact for the boys who think shortage of money is the main reason for having no girlfriend. [pic] From the graph the effectiveness of money is visible, so it can be sa id that money is one of the important factors on affair. [pic] What boys think about NSU girls? The research paper will mainly focus on the boys who don’t have girl friends in NSU. There was also a question what the boys thought about NSU girls. The options were mainly based on the different perspectives.First option was the NSU girls were not good for long time relationship. It was found some girls lost their attraction and they did not have so much patience to continue the relationship for a long time. The next option was they could only be good friends for their friendly qualities and behavior. The third option was that the girls hang out only for study benefits, it was often seen some girls mainly hang out with the boys to get the assignment, project done by the boys and they made good relationship only for study benefits. After the semester they were not as friendly as they before.It was also found that many girls were very rude and they did not want to have affair with any boys. Most of the boys thought that those girls did not value any one’s feelings and they never preferred the likeness of others at any cost. It will be clearer from the graph what boys actually think about NSU girls. [pic] From the pie chart, it has become obvious that the girls of NSU are not good for any long time relationship. The half of the boys (25%) agreed with that. But they can be good friends according the opinion of 10% boys. Other 10% boys gave different opinion; they said some girls hang out only for study benefits.The rest 5 % replied that a few girls did not value the feelings or likeness of any boy. So it is found that NSU girls are not good for any long time relationship according to the opinion of the boys. [pic] Necessity of having girlfriend in NSU There was also a question whether the boys thought that it was necessary having a female friend in NSU. Since boys and girls study together for a long time it is possible for them to get involved in affair. If we look at the graph it will be clear how many boys think to have affair with a girl in NSU. Their opinions related with the question will also visible. pic] Half of the students said that they might have girlfriend without hampering study. When any boys and girls have affair, there may be some emotional problems, which causes loosing concentration to study. As the students pay al lot of money for their studies and they never want to fail or getting lower grades in their courses. 25% boys wanted to have girlfriend without hampering their studies. Other 15% strictly said that it was not necessary to love any girl in NSU. Only 5% replied it was necessary having girlfriend and the rest 5% said that the boys could have only one girlfriend not more than one.It is found most of the boys prefer to have girlfriend without hampering their studies. [pic] Bad expereince about affair with NSU girls When people have any bad expereince of any thing in his life, he will never want to do the sa me thing again. If any boy has bad expereince about romantic relationship, he must try to avoid getting involved in relationship due to his previous expereince. Some boys may have bad experiences about relationship with NSU girls. It was also included in the questionnaire. The first option was about the heart breaking, there might be some facts that could break any boys’ heart.The second option was about those who did not have any bad expereince about relationship with NSU girls. The next option was the fact of being rejected. It was found in most cases that the majority of the boys were rejected and they suffered mentally for a long time. When any boy is rejected, it might be difficult for him to overcome his mental depression. It is a common fact in NSU that many boys have the pathetic expereince of being rejected. The following graph will show how many boys have bad expereince about relationship with NSU girls. [pic]From the bar graph, we can see that few students (10%) ha d heart broken expereince. The majority of the students (20%) did not have any bad expereince. Some boys were found having the expereince of being rejected; those 15% mainly did not get any response from the girls to get involved in affair. The rest of the students had other experiences. [pic] What boys do when they see any couple? It is found that most of the boys are without girlfriends in NSU, and few of them have girlfriends. What happened when the boys saw the couples and their reaction was asked in the questionnaire.It was found that most of the students did nothing when they saw any couple, they did not have any reaction and they took it normally. Few of the students were found that they admired, criticized and sometimes dreamed to be like them. It will be clear from the graph [pic] It is seen that 40% boys did nothing and they did not show any reaction. So when they saw any couple it seemed to be usual fact to the boys. A few of boys were found who admired or criticized when they saw any couple. Fantasies also worked in the boys who dreamed to be a couple with the girls whom they loved. pic] Feelings of boys without girlfriends The next question was about the most sensitive issue- the feelings of the boys without girl friends. Most of the boys feel loneliness†-an emotional and cognitive reaction to having fewer and less satisfying relationship than one desires. † Loneliness is accomplished by negative effect, including feelings of depression, anxiety, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction. The boys who did not have enough friends, they felt lonely without girl friends in NSU. Some boys do not bother responsibility in any kind of serious type of relationship like affair.Those boys may be happy without girlfriends because they do not have other responsibilities and restrictions. They are free from emotional bindings. A young boy without girlfriend may feel boring, he become tired for his monotonous life without the regular company of a charming gi rlfriend. It is usual fact for the young aged people; they always expect the company of opposite sex. Few boys may be found that they do not want to get involved in an affair. They may dislike having romance with any girl during their study. The reply of the boys is shown in the following graph. [pic]The bar graph shows that half of the boys (25%) replied they were free from all kinds of responsibilities in affair. They did not need to be worried about their duties to girlfriends. The other 15% felt the loneliness. Though they had friends, they expected the company of a girlfriend and the lack ness made them feel lonely. Only 5% felt boring in the condition without girlfriend and the rest 5% thought differently. They said that they were fine without girlfriends and they did not want to be involved in any close relationship with a girl in NSU. [pic] Passing time without girlfriendWhen a boy is involved in an affair with a girl, he usually passes time together and enjoys the every mom ent they are passing together. But the boys without girlfriends passed their time in different ways. When they are alone they pass the time in studying, Most of the boys without girlfriends pass their time chatting with friends. This gives them opportunity to pass time in an enjoyable way. It may fill the lack of the girlfriend’s company, and the boys do not feel loneliness. Some boys who did not have enough friends, they might feel loneliness and those boys passed the time walking alone outside the campus.Most of the boys without girlfriends do not want to be frustrated and they pass time according to their own choice. From the graph it will be clear by how most of the boys pass time without girlfriends. [pic] If we look at the graph, majority of the boys (35%) passed time by chatting with friends and enjoyed the company while they were with their friends. The other 10% students replied that they passed time by studying in library. A few of the boys (5%) passed time by brows ing Internet and mailing friends who live in abroad. From all the replies of the boys, it is visible that most of them enjoy their friend’s company to pass free time. pic] Facing problems without girlfriends When boys could not get involved in romantic relationship with the girls whom they loved, they (boys) were frustrated and passed through problematic life. The problem that they actually face is for loneliness. When any boy feels loneliness, he may be frustrated or depressed and it hampers his mental satisfactions. A boy may suffer more depression when a girl refuses him, he may be frustrated for his heart broken. He lost confidence or attraction to love when he found his dream did not come true, it might change his mentality and idea about love.When any boy proposes a girl, he must be self-confident but after the refusal he can loose his self-confidence and never want to propose any girl in future. In this way the boys may be dissatisfied with affair and they loose attrac tion to love. The options in the question focused the problems that boys faced without girlfriend. [pic] The graph is indicating that how many boys face problems when they don’t have girlfriends. 20% of the boys felt the problems of requiring regular company of a girl. 15% replied that they were often frustrated and dissatisfied with their condition without girlfriends.The other 10% said that they were loosing confidence when any girl refused them, and the rest 5% answered that they were loosing attraction to love. [pic] Future desire to have girlfriend The boys who are now without girlfriends may have wish to get involved in affair with a girl in future. The last question was about the future planning of boys to make any girl as girlfriend in future, it actually depended on some several conditions. Every body wants to find out the similarities from others to continue a relationship. Similarities are more important than repeated exposure.When any boy finds similar mentality, choices with a girl, he becomes emotionally weak to her. They always look for a girl who has all kinds of qualities that the boys are looking for. Some students do not prefer girlfriends in student life and they never want to make girlfriends in future. Sometimes it actually depends on the situation if the boys are capable to continue relationship. Most of the boys are afraid to get involved in affair due to family restriction. If the boys get support from the parents, they may be involved in romantic relationship with girls.They will try to do that when there is no family restriction. [pic] Since the research paper is based on the opinion of the boys without girlfriends, there was also given two open questions to write down how they coped with the situation and whether they actually preferred the condition without girlfriends. Many boys gave different opinions and expressed feelings when they had no girlfriends, they passed life with bad expereince if they were rejected or cheated by any girl. It might have impact on a boy’s mind when he would not get the girl whom he loved.From the replies of the boys it is also seen that some of the boys are fine because they don’t have any extra responsibilities for a particular girl as the boys have no romantic relation with any girl. [pic] Conclusion When life itself does not come to a halt and any one does not stop breathing, than there is no being upset in being upset for not having girlfriend and jeopardizing their own life. Actually this is the age to study and to build them up and there will always be a better one for waiting. Most of the boys in NSU are young and this is the stage to prepare them for the future.Their entire future mainly depends on how they pass their young age and how much they can concentrate in study. When any student can overcome all his problems and pay attention to study he must be successful in his life, he won’t be afraid to face any problems that he may come across in future. Most of the boys are without girlfriend in NSU, it can give them mental dissatisfaction for the want of company. The reasons and conditions without girlfriends may be different, but the important thing is not to take the condition without girlfriends seriously.So if the boys think their life is boring and they are loosing confidence due to frustration, it will be harmful to them in future. No one can progress without self-confidence. If any boy has problems without girlfriend, he should try to overcome the depression by any means to keep him free from all kinds of emotional and psychological problems. It will be beneficial for their own future. This is the age for having fun not getting into serious mental depression. They should look at the bright side of not having girlfriends; they spend money and time in enjoying games, eating out with friends, and camping.

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A Tragic Hero in Aristotle Definition Essay

The word tragedy is when an event ends in misfortune. However, when the word tragedy is put in context within a play or a story it is a story circling around a protagonist who is of high power and stature. A tragedy is usually the development of a protagonist whose in conflict with a more superior force; the superior forces that the protagonist could be faced with is his destiny, free will and the Gods that rule over them. The end of a tragedy is usually the protagonist whose in a state of deterioration in which he loses everything. A tragic hero is meant to define his fate by himself, usually by actions that he inflicts on himself which then lead him to wreck his own life. Aristotle is considered as one of the many ancient influential philosophers there is and therefore his view of Oedipus being an ideal tragic hero is considered as highly powerful in the world of literature. Aristotle defines tragedy as the conflict between humans being good yet being defeated by reality as their actions done with good intentions can actually bring back outcomes that were not initially wanted. In the play Oedipus by Sophocles, Oedipus is classed as a classic tragic hero by Aristotle for many of the characteristics he possesses. According to Aristotle’s definition of a tragic hero; the tragic hero has to be realistic, true to life, consistent and true to themselves, consistent within the context of the narrative and has to make errors of judgement throughout the play but the results of what has been done should be the opposite of what was initially intended. A tragic hero should be able to arouse feelings of pity and fear; this is because, the feeling of pity is aroused by our deep sympathy for someone whose life is falling out of place whereas that person is neither too good nor too evil to have deserved such a misfortune, and the feeling of fear is aroused by the sheer horror that such a tragedy can fall upon anyone regardless of their stature. According to Aristotle’s definition Oedipus is a tragic hero because he is a man of great power and influence over the city he rules and his life begins to deteriorate in front of everyone’s eyes as he goes on a quest to find out who he is. Aristotle says that a tragic hero must be the one to cause their own downfall in which Oedipus persistently decides to carry on asking questions about his origins. Also, the tragic hero’s fate is not deserved and his punishment exceeds his wrongdoings and  that a tragic hero must be someone important and influential and he must be someo ne who makes an error of judgement. This error of judgement is seen when Oedipus forces Tiresias in anger to answer his questions of who his parents are, â€Å"Who? Wait; who are my parents?†, it is Oedipus’s own mistake in forcing answers in which he does not wish to hear or know.

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Women Find Comfort In Their Bodies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Women Find Comfort In Their Bodies - Essay Example For a woman, to be comfortable in her body she might require the approval of a number of people before she wears something – by this I mean that many women have this habit of asking a couple of people how they look when they wear something before they can venture out with confidence. When a few other people tell them that they are looking good, they feel comfortable in their clothing and their bodies. Many women might not have the perfect body – they might have extra fat on several parts of their bodies making them bulge out and feel unattractive or they may not like the way their hair or their face looks on a certain day. All these aspects are very secondary to comfort. When a woman feels perfect with respect to all these aspects of her body, she feels very confident. In Persepolis, Marjane feels very at ease with her self when she is a young girl as opposed to her growing up years. Her grandmother is so comfortable with her sexuality that she openly talks about placin g jasmine flowers in her bra cups to make her breasts soft and smell good, something not many people would be comfortable of speaking about. On the other hand, there are a number of women that do not need someone else’s approval in order to tell themselves that they look good and thus feel comfortable with themselves. Such women have an inherent idea about how they look despite what others might tell them, thus suggesting that they have found a comfort zone within their body and are very happy with who they are. Â  

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Nespresso Entering Kiev Market Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Nespresso Entering Kiev Market - Assignment Example It also includes target market, brand positioning and marketing mix. The report also encompasses market development which shows how Nespresso will survive and struggle. Finally, there is an exit strategy for Nespresso. Thus, this report will give an overall view of the possible hurdles and the outcomes that Nespresso might have to face. Keywords: Nespresso, Kiev, International Market According to Nespresso (2011), â€Å"As the worldwide pioneer, Nespresso redefined the way coffee lovers around the world enjoy their Espresso coffee through a unique combination of premium quality Grand Cru coffees, smart coffee machines and exceptional customer services.† â€Å"Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine, its largest economical, political, educational and cultural centre. Kiev offers endless opportunities for tourism† (Kiev, 2011) From the facts above, it is obvious that Nespresso has been doing great in international markets and Kiev seems to be a good investment for Nespresso. Even so, there are bound to be hurdles and opportunities at the same time. Therefore, the analysis done ahead will give us an insight on how Nespresso will do on entering Kiev. Purpose of the Plan The purpose of this business plan is to analyze the possibility of survival in Ukrainian market, to define the entry, marketing mix, and even to formulate an exit strategy, just in case. The situation analysis will help us learn whether it is feasible for Nespresso to enter Kiev or not. Thus, this business plan will help us foresee the outcomes of Nespresso entering Kiev market. The Idea Kiev is a good place for tourists, plus the people of Kiev not only eat local food but also eat continental food. They have Italian and French restaurants as well. They also like to eat fast food, American and Russian dishes. Thus, given that the people at Kiev have taste buds for food other than local Ukrainian dishes (Kiev, 2011). People all around the world crave coffee and if the coffee you are having is Nespresso then it is difficult to resist. Nespresso does not only give high quality coffee, but also provides an unmatched personal service. These days, service has become just as important as t he product, and Nespresso proves that it is excellent at both and that is what makes it so much better than other coffees. According to Nespresso (2011) â€Å"At  Nespresso, creating the perfect coffee is at the heart of what we do. Delighting coffee lovers is why we do it.† Hence that is basically the idea behind entering Kiev as well, to satisfy not only the need of taste buds but also the need of good service seekers. Situation Analysis In this case, the situation analysis will be done with the help of 5C’s. (Net MBA, 2010) Company Nespresso is espresso made by Nestle, it has a healthy rapport in the market not only locally but also in international market, be it west or east. Nespresso not only produces excellent quality coffee but also gives quality service which a huge plus. It also has a huge range of Nespresso machines which are smart, stylish and user friendly. Collaborators Nespresso works with its Ecollaboration partners to improve its sustainability (Nesp resso, 2011) Customers When it comes to coffee, there are those who go for supreme quality, then there are those who have coffee on daily basis and will go for coffee of any kind, some don’t like plain coffee and like to create drinks that have coffee with caramel, chocolate and other syrups. Nowadays, kids also tend to go for coffee as a beverage. For kids, however, there is more sugar involved. Thus, coffee is for all market segments, and Nespresso can cater to the needs of all. Competitors For Nespresso,

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Discussion Paper - Industry Certifications Essay

Discussion Paper - Industry Certifications - Essay Example The website is very detailed with further information regarding fees, deadlines for paying the fees and a section with testimonies of how the CSEP certification has aided in their career advancement. In order to qualify for the CSEP exam, candidates are required to possess a minimum of three years professional employment on a full time basis. Additionally, they should have obtained their experience in the special events industry. On the other hand, the CMP program has a number of requirements for the professional experience and the internship experience. Both categories mandate that the person be in the tourism, meeting and exhibition industry. Applicants should also have a minimum of three years for the professional program and 200 hours of work experience, for the internship program. The two programs exhibit a similar history of formation and a common desire to promote their respective industries through professionalism, ethics and a strict code of conduct, aimed to improve the standards of the professionals in their specific industries. However, there are some differences, such as their structures. The CMP is more focused on meetings while CSEP places emphasis on the event planning as a whole. The CMP and CSEP programs both offer similar rates for the application and exam registration fee of about $ 600. Personally, I would pursue the CSEP program because it provides a better forum for enhancing my career. Its ability to link professionals with companies and its wholesome approach, makes it a better option than the CMP program. I would like to pose the following questions for clarification:-Are there any additional refresher courses available after the completion of the program(s)? Can a person pursue both the CMP and CSEP programs

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Observe behavior - you as a researcher (Psychology) Essay

Observe behavior - you as a researcher (Psychology) - Essay Example A study of college students stress found that stress is self-imposed surprisingly often (Weiten & Lloyd 65). Further enhancing available research that links college activities to self-imposed stress, this researcher noted a particular instance in which a student manifested not only outward indications of self-imposed stress, rather the student began to exhibit behavior toward self-fulfilling prophecy in which the students unrealistic expectations about academic performance caused her negative assertions to become reality. In an attempt to justify a hypothetical linkage between self-imposed stress and self-fulfilling prophecy, this researcher engaged the student to become an It became a crucial determining factor to this case study to witness how the participant functioned in an academic environment and for this researcher to observe behaviors which could be linked to self-imposed stress and self-fulfilling prophecy. The subject was observed frantically reinforcing her impending failure to an upcoming class examination, exclaiming on several occasions that she was "stupid" and could not manage to secure an acceptable understanding of her curriculums material. This researcher allowed the subject to openly express her misgivings with her academic performance and twice witnessed the subject toss her study materials in frustration. Further forward in the subjects study session, the student publicly refused to continue studying because she perceived the activity as a "useless effort" and that she was "doomed to work at a car wash for the rest of her life" and would never attain her degree. As part of our association, it was commonplace for this researcher to offer study assistance by quizzing the subject on her study material. After reviewing the information, this researcher was able to conclude that the subject comprehended

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Discussing the relationship between son and father Essay

Discussing the relationship between son and father - Essay Example The persona is helpless and this only explains the fact that the war in the World War II most affected the powerless in the region. Many themes are evident in this text such as; betrayal, resistance, collaboration and the relationship between father and son. The mood is somber because the persona hopes to save his family from the experience they all had with Holocaust but to his surprise, they are all gone. The group that was concerned with this form of inhumanity was referred to as â€Å"Nazis† and it supported the move by the Parisians. This group was made up of the Germans who were followers of Hitler. The Nazis were also against the existence of the Jewish in Paris hence, collaborated with the French policemen in order to destroy their existence. This was a form of betrayal by the Germans to the Jews since, they were neighbors in a foreign country but they still went ahead and collaborated with the natives in order to destroy them. All forms of inhuman activities are evide nt during this time and Eliezer cannot help but take the bull by its horn. He witnesses people being hang and burnt and he lives each day for his father. He says that the only thing that prevented him from dying was his father. This is because, without him, his father could not make it alone. However, it is ironic how some of the prisoners turn cruel just as the Nazis. The prisoners who are captives together with their fathers start mistreating their fathers for their survival. This relationship between a father and a son is supposed to be mutual but to Eliezer’s surprise, it is even worse than the relationship that can ever exist between two people not sharing blood. Eliezer narrates a story that involves three instances where the sons mistreat their father for their survival. In one instance, a son killed his father just to have a piece of bread to himself. This was uncouth because, just because the food that was offered to them was not enough, a son had to kill his father in order to save his own life. This happened when a German threw a piece of bread in the cattle truck the prisoners had been herded into during transportation. Another character referred to as, the son to Rabbi Eliahu is also seen abandoning his slow and weak father at the occurrence of a mad run for the purpose of increasing his chances that were left to save his life. In addition, Elizier also felt this form of burden through his father’s presence and that is why, he kept on fighting just to be alive for him. The live incidence when their fellow prisoners were hung in front of them was heartbreaking and saddening and in fact, this is what contributed to the hostile relations between fathers and sons (Wiesel, 2006). The sons starved to keep their lives going and since the presence of their father was a hindrance as they had to be reluctant in making any steps that might have left them behind, the only solution was to finish them completely. This was the highest degree of inh umanity. In this text, the author intertwines the past with the present to bring out the real meaning of the life that was experienced during the World War II in 1942. A story about a 10-year-old girl called Sarah; helps a journalist, Julia to uncover the true story about her husband’s family who are French. It is so sad to learn that the same people living in the modern world are the same people who mistreated